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If your (circa 2004) TrailBlazer/Envoy has 80-100k miles on the odo and your symptoms are stalling at idle or rough idle (stop lights, stop signs, parking lots, etc.) and you find yourself driving 'two-footed' to keep it from dying on you, then please read on.
Based on past experiences with my former S-Blazers I was ready to replace the O2 sensors ($100!) on my Trailblazer, but I logged on here and found some great advice from some awesome people! No guarantees of course - but the problem might only be a gummed-up Throttle Body (TB). Before I spent the big bucks, I went to Advance Auto and purchased a spray can of CRC Throttle Body Cleaner and a new air filter (total cost $16). I followed the excellent pictorial from TrailVoy member KHill, found here:
The back side of the TB was really dirty/gummy and I used the whole can to get it cleaned up and gunk-free. Lo and behold, when I re-connected the battery and started it up, the Service Engine Soon (SES) light went off (trouble codes cleared) and my TrailBlazer now runs like new! I saved myself a lot of money and time by reading the posts and attacking the 'lowest hanging fruit' first. Many kind thanks to KHill and all the other posters who share their knowledge and experience here on TrailVoy! I hope that this point of reference helps others like me, and that your stalling/rough idle problem is this easliy solved.
Best Regards and Good Luck,
Mark :woohoo:
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