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A little history first. I had an sts turbo kit on my 07 tbss for a while. Last december i blew the transmission, I took it to the dealership (my bad) to see if they would maybe hopefully warranty it. (it was worth a shot), they didnt. I ended up buying a new 700r4 Stage 2 tranny with 2800 stall. Last week the turbo's bearings went out so i took it off. The car is back to stock, everything.

Today, I spun a bearing. I dunno how, whether its wear from the turbo etc etc its done. I was wondering about warranting it. When I took it to the dealer for the transmission they said no, and gave me an invoice saying it was cuz of the turbo. Since my car is back to stock, if i go to another dealership, would it be in their system that this car has had a turbo on it? Or would it be no problem? I really dont want to dish out 4 grand for a new short block. Free would be nice.

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