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Speedometer Issue - not the stepper motor

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I bought an 03 TB a few months ago, and it is really awesome, she was very well cared for. I did her first good interior cleaning, and when dusting the instrument cluster realized that there was no plastic face protecting the gauges, so the duster moved all the needles around. I put them back to zero position and they all work fine except the speedometer and tachometer. Both are off and giving incorrect readings. If I put the speedometer needle to zero after starting the car, it will give accurate readings, but if I forget to do this each and every time I start the car it continues to remain off. Any ideas on how to fix this? The stepper motor works fine it just needs to recalibrate the zero point somehow.

Also, where could I pick up a replacement plastic face to protect the cluster so this doesn't happen again? Thank you!
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