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They look that good because of you firebear and culzeros imput!
Thanks guys.
Let me know if you need more.
Would you guys be interested in some shirts and stuff with that design on them?
If so I can set up a cafe press store.

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The company I work for builds large pressure vessels....most are too big to fit into our blast & paint booth and the result is a fine coat of silica sand all over our vehicles.....I usually have a cover over my truck but I had just come back from lunch and the mail had just, clean and stick it was!! What you cannot see in the pic is the fine coat of carboline white that my truck got misted with last month.....I have some serious clay bar work to do. oh well it will be done soon enough!!

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Just got mine from TX yesterday and finally had a chance to install and take a pic today. Props to firebear, high-voltage, TXBlazer, and culzero on the design :thumbsup:


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Looks Good Justin!!! What happened to all the bird Dukie....did you just wash the window or the whole Voy???:raspberry:crackup::crackup:
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