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All -

I feel compelled to share a known "fix" I found for my wife's 2008 Envoy. Check Engine light has been on for almost 2 years for DTC 0449. I replaced the Vent valve a couple of times, which seemed to keep the light off for a while, but it would always come back.

Well, the fix for this is to replace that emission hose that goes from the Vent valve to the charcoal canister. Actually, if you buy the hose assembly from, there will be 3 hoses in that assembly. It is not a bad repair either - maybe took 1/2 hour tops. Easiest way to replace is to remove the charcoal canister from the vehicle - this way, you can disconnect the hoses easier. Obtain the replacement assembly first, so you can identify what needs to be disconnected. Disconnect the 3 hoses from the Vent valve and the other 2 connections. Then remove the charcoal canister (3 bolts) and lower just enough to disconnect hoses. Connect the new hoses to the canister BEFORE re-installing.

With all the help I have received on this site, I wanted to share this, and save someone some valuable time/money. I do not have the part number handy and pricing, but it is called an Emissions hose on, and was close to $60 bucks.
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