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So this guy gets sent to a psychiatrist, ordered by the court .....

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The doc says: "We are going to start your examination with the "Ink Blot" test., as he neatly drops some ink on a piece of paper and folds it in half.

Upon opening the paper, he asks the patient to tell him what he sees. "I see a naked lady on a bicycle" is his answer.

The doctor says: "Hmmm. Let's try another one" as he opens a new piece of paper. "What do you see now?" he asks.

The man says: "I see two naked women riding on a big butterfly".

"Hmmmm" ... the doc says; as he is unfolding the third ink blot. "What do you see THIS time?" as the doc is becoming chagrinned.

"Well, this time I see a naked woman lying on her back changing the oil in her car" is the last answer.

"Sir," says the doc; "you have a powerful sexual perversion and you will need years of treatment because we cannot let someone like you out in public".

"ME?" he says ... "YOU'RE the one showing me all these dirty pictures".

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Mickey Mouse is at his attorney's office and his attorney says, "So - Mickey, I hear that you want to divorce your wife, Minnie Mouse?" Mickey replies, 'That's correct' and the lawyer retorts, "And you want to divorce her because she's crazy??" Mickey replies, 'No, no, no... I said I wanted to divorce her because she is f*cking Goofey!!
Not nice. (n):mad:馃サ馃槹馃槨馃槧馃槵馃馃あ馃懣馃檳馃檴馃檲
I remember being a kid in the '90's watching a cartoon show called "Animaniacs". They had a short between cartoons where one of the main characters was at the psychologist and they did this exact same bit.

Found it!
They plagerized it from me. I loved those cartoons .... and Real Monsters too.
Growing up in the 90's, cartoons and wrestling were the absolute best.
I love wrestling ..

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