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Smart Phone

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I have a member who wants to join the chapter and he has the required posts but he said he does not have a computer and his only access to the forum is via his i-phone; the smart phone won't let him upload an avatar or upload pics into his gallery. so what do you say should we make exceptions for members who can only view the forum on their smart phone?
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How they access the site should be irrelevant - as long as they meet the requirements.

Smart phone, laptop, desktop, internet cafe, neighbor's computer... it's all the same. :m2:
I don't make a big deal about pics. As long as they meet the post requirements and make meets, other limitations should not be held against them.
Either way, if they meet the requirements. As far as the pics or avatar, I'm sure they can find a pc to use to upload a few pics. It's your call Kevin. I have no problems with it.
you guys run your show how you want. I agree though, he should know someone with a desktop / laptop where he could upload 3 pics...:weird:
If he's an active poster then Id say let him in, I usually use the pic requirement solely because the member has 20 posts and wants to get in but did all his posts in 1 day to make the requirement. I want to make sure he's going to stick around and show up to a meet.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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