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Last week did some much needed work...we noticed some play in the wheel and had already replaced hub assemblies. Noticed my tie rod ends were loose and really worn. So we replaced those. My dad also noticed this: when the trailblazer was on the floor, the lower ball joint he was looking at did move around a bit and this concerned him somewhat. When we had it jacked up it seemed ok...and this was confirmed at the dealership. Everything seemed ok to them.

This is my apparent problem: when driving at speeds of 50+, it seems like there is a persistent, rhythmic wobble in the front, like something is wobbling around, shaking or moving around. I don't notice it so much at lower speeds. I just can't tell if it's tiny imperfections in the road that I'm noticing; but I just don't remember feeling such a continuous and rhythmic shake. I can feel it somewhat in the steering wheel and seem to feel it overall in the front. I put new rear shocks last winter. After that, last January, we had the dealership put new tires on, balance them and they put new McPherson struts in. Just had it aligned Monday after putting those new tie rods in. And we had rotated the tires last week as well.

I still notice the wobble after all this, so I don't think it's a bent rim or unbalanced wheel, as it still is in the front. So I believe that eliminates that possibility. Could it be the lower ball joints? I have read that in particular lower ball joints are non-load bearing and generally don't really ever fail. Doesn't mean they won't; so I'm not really sure what else it could be. Any ideas?:confused::confused:
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