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While I had my camera with me today when I got to work, I decided to shoot a quick video of my system. I am running a full Earthquake Sound set up. I chose the shallow subs because I wanted a system that would lay flat in the back and not take up too much space. Well, that's what my wife wanted, I wanted to wall it off, but she wasn't going for that! Being that the enclosure was going to be small, I wanted to get as much boom from these subs as I could. So I built a bandpass box with the top portion as 1/2" Lexan. I left a 9"X3" "port" on each side which I plan on making inserts so I can tune it in the future. I didn't want to trap the sound in there while I was working on the ports. The total height of the set up is 8" and it fills the cargo area nicely. The amp is five channels 900watts rms. There are 6.5" two-ways in all of the doors and 3.5" two-ways in the dash. I must say, I'm not liking the resonance from the Lexan, sounds too hollow for my tastes, but I gave that up for the look of it. Trying to showcase the Earthquake stuff.

This doesn't flex the truck or anything, it's just enough to ring your ears and affect your eye sight on certain songs. Right now it gets to 135.6db at the windshield sealed up. Working on getting that number up a little higher once I figure out how I'm going to insert my ports.

The song on the video isn't the one that sounds the best in there, but it was playing when I showed up in the parking lot, so I turned it up. Enjoy.
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