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2003 chevy trailblazer_lt_ext
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2003 Trailblazer Ext bought used in 2006, presently has 166000Km (100000mi) Do not know the previous maintainence schedule.

Throttle body already cleaned (ran Seaform earlier)
Change serpentine belt.

To do
1. Change out spark plugs.
2. Change Fuel Filter.
3. Change front Diff oil with Lucas 75W90
4. Change engine oil
5. Change Air filter.
6 I bought 11lts of Dex VI, 1lt Lucas Trans treatment and a tranny kit. I was planning on doing the flush but chickened out after reading the other posts and issues.

Here is what I plan to do, just take out what's in the pan, clean it up and instal a new filter, instal a drain plug and refill the pan and in a next 5 months drain again add new fluid and 1lt lucas treatment.

My question is how do I take out what's in the pan only? Do I pump out the 5-6lt from the line from the radiator as per APDMC6008 article in the resources section. Or do I drop the pan with the oil inside and have a bath after. Would draining the 5-6lt from the line, and replacing it from the top created any sort of airlock ( not versed in how the tranny works) or is it better to drop it from the pan.

Next week.
Change transfer case fluid, I didn't know I can only get that from the dealership.

Change rear diff fluid because I have to get the 2lt from the dealership. I have the G80 locker and other fluids like Amsoil and Royal Purple are not readily available here. With the exchange rate, shipping and duty it's not worth it to order online.
Awaiting answers on the tranny issue.

Thanks all.
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