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2004 olds bravada
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A week ago the battery on my 2004 Bravada died. It was exactly 3 years old. Anyway, I got a new battery and replaced it.

Something happened when the battery died... I started getting various messages such as, "Service Air Bag", "Service all wheel drive" and few other codes I can't remember anymore. I tried to boost the battery initially to start the car but without luck, then finally it all went dead.

Before the battery related issues started, for a few months now the driver power seat wouldn't go back and forth when in the extreme low position. It would move back and forth only after it was raised up a bit. I suspect some loose wiring under the seat. But now after installing the new battery, the driver seat only goes up and down and doesn't move back and forth at all. Furthermore, I now continuously get the "Service Air Bag" message and the the air bag light is always ON in dash.

Don't know if these two issues are related but has someone else seen this issue. Is there something that can be done. How difficult is it to check teh wiring under the seat if that is where the problem is. Please, any help is appreciated:)
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