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2002 chevy trailblazer_ls
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Tracked down a squeak while the engine was running to the area of the Serpentine Belt Tensioner/Pulley using a mechanic's stethoscope.

Got the part Dayco 89269 tensioner and the Dayco 89052 pulley that Advance said was correct.

No issue with the tensioner but the pulley was wrong, in the box was a plastic pulley that was narrower than the metal factory pulley and no matter what config I tried, it was obviously wrong. Checked this forum and saw a recommend for the Dayco 89059 pulley. So grabbed that and the 89059 is bigger than the original (old pulley actually fits perfectly into the 059).

The 89059 didn't spin on the 89269 tensioner, so I cleaned up the old pulley and put it back in.

Squeak is gone and everything seems fine after test drive. I'm happy. . . BUT.

I'm wondering if anyone has good part numbers for me to pick up the correct sized pulley and next time I'm under the hood I'll swap it out or at least have it if in a few days that squeak comes back.

Any help would be appreciated.

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