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If the parts store also thinks you have a V6, they're totally wrong instead of only being half wrong. :D

Seriously, we have an I6. AFAIK, all vehicles have the 150A alternator, and the only belt difference is that the belt for the EXT/XL long wheelbase version has a shorter belt due to a difference in the power steering pump.

Gatorback belts are recommended, and the part number you need is 4060915. Part # 4060905 is the shorter belt used on the EXT and XL vehicles.

Feel free to argue with the parts folks if they claim their data base has different info. Many of the parts chains DO have bad data in their computers for this particular part. Trailvoy knows better. :tiphat
Exactly. I did a lot of research on this. There is only one place that I have found that has the correct information. It is Dayco's web site:

If you have the EXT vehicle, you COULD use the longer belt (91.5") but your tensioner will be noisy and your belt may slip a little. Don't ask how I know this! :D

Frankly when I went to my local parts store, they asked which alternator I had and just to make life easier for all of us I told them "130 amp"
It wouldn't do any good for any of us to argue about it because:
a: Most of the employees could really care less and
b: There really isn't anything they can do about it anyhow.

Sometimes you have to choose your battles wisely!

So masterminds and gurus ...... do I leave it or spend more money and buy the right one? It seems to work fine but will the extra tension blow out the idler and or tensioner pulleys?

Where was this thread at 10 am yesterday :duh:
What is the part number of the belt you bought? I'm thinking you got the right one, it is tight just because it is a new belt!

BTW, I hate to be a stick in the mud, but this topic has been discussed several times already. Maybe we should make this (or one of the other ones) a sticky!
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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