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Last year on a hot day we stopped our 07 trailblazer 4.2I for a short break and after resuming our trip the rep stabilitrack and check engine light came on with power reduced we were close to home and made it there. The next morning things were fine. This happened one other time last summer.

This year we too the car on a trip from Upstate NY to Va. When we stopped for gas, again in very warm weather, we got about 1/2 mile on the interstate when this happened again. We stopped at the next exit and opened the hood, upon restarting all but the check engine light where off and it ran fine to our destination about 150 miles away.

The next morning the check engine light was off but again after stopping for a while and restarting again it happened with the same results, open the hood for a bit and after it ran fine with the check engine light on.

This was a daily thing while down there all days where hot but seemed to be after stopping or in traffic after a while Stop open hood and we were good again for a while. On the 750 mile trip back it happened 3 times but after weather cooled down the rest of the trip was fine.

it happened today and we took it with the check engine light and rep and stabilitrack where all on and the codes we got from an advanced auto tester are as follows

Code summary
ABS No Codes
Xfer 1 code
Eng 2 codes
Global 2 codes

Really at a loss and on a budget as we are in the process of a move and need the Trailblazer to use for this so any king of help is appreciated
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