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Sadly Considering Junkyard.

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I originally purchased my 06 Denali XL with 168k with the purpose of upgrading parts as they wore out and learning how to wrench. I knew I’d be putting more money into her than I’d ever get out. Here are a few of things that I’ve done myself, or had my mechanic do:

Installed reconditioned engine at 175k. Mileage is now 206k
New manifolds, radiator, condenser, starter, fuel pump, PS pump, AC compressor, TB.

Rebuilt transfer case.

20” wheels and front bearings.
Magnaflow exhaust and cats.

various exterior upgrades.

installed new carpet and sound insulation throughout the entire cabin.

pioneer nav headunit and back up camera.

Life stuff has happened to me. Getting a divorce and moved out to an apartment (so no more garage and workshop).

Anyway. She started cutting out when warm and has been at my trusted mechanic shop for 2 weeks. Problem seemed to have been traced to the fuse box which had fried the ignition switch and throttle body. Replaced all 3. It ran perfectly for a few hours and then died and won’t start. It looks like it’s the ECM (probably). But mechanic is telling me in needs to be towed to the dealer and fixed/programmed with their equipment to be sure.

TLDR: I can’t justify spending any more on it. I’ve bought another car.
I’d part it out but don’t have the space. It seems I’ll need to junk it which breaks my heart to think of the truck I put so much into rotting away in a yard.

Not sure what I’m looking for by writing this post. But thanks for reading.
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Why not offer it up for bids ?
Gladly. Where would I do that?
Gladly. Where would I do that?
Likely where ever you'd offer anything for sale .
Hi prof9000, Envoy-lover here, sent a message to you, let me know if you didn't get it (I think that was my first message here, I suppose it could have gone astray), thanks!

thanks for reading.
Sorry to hear, dude!

Too bad you cannot garage it while you do some troubleshooting on it or even just to part it out. The ppl here love to help out.

Those rims might be worth something for an easy flip?
Put it in the classified section right on here for sale.
Are you parting it out? What did you decide to do?
Are you parting it out? What did you decide to do?
QUICK! ........................... ask him for the windshield trim piece!
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I wish he didn't have life stuff going on and that he had the space. I'd buy the bumper. I like them 20s too.

Is the ride on 20 inch rims going to be much rougher than my stock 17 inch rims?
Rebuilt transfer case.
What parts did you use to rebuild? Clutches, rebuild kit, bearings?
I can't find clutch pack for our's NP226.
QUICK! ........................... ask him for the windshield trim piece!
That's where I was heading!
Sorry to hear about your difficult situation. Been there. Sometimes life gives you a swift kick to the balls. Sometimes we deserve it, sometimes we don't. I hope your situation improves quickly. Keep moving forward especially when you feel like giving up. Things will improve. Best wishes.
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