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2006 saab 9_7x
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Been reading the form for a little while, but first post woot woot.

Anyway onto more serious business.


About two months ago, I was driving on the highway, and my Saab would cut out, for what seemed like less then a second. I went and got the codes checked, and I had the following codes (P0463, P2135, and P0121). I know the P0463 is my fuel sensor, as it stopped working a while back. The other two codes showed there was a throttle body problem. I found a few threads that recommended just cleaning it. I was very dirty and easily could have been sticking, after cleaning the issue went away.

Fast forward to yesterday, I got the reduced engine power(REP) and Stabilitrak off notification. After waiting a period of time or turning off and restarting car, it will go away, however it seems to happen about every 4 or 5 miles.

I got the codes checked again, still got the P0463 (fuel sensor), however the code now is P060E.

Found a couple of similar post, but wanted to provide my specific history:

I dont really want to replace the throttle body if I dont have too... I love the car, but have been having so many technical problems. Any recommendations of what to do next?

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