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OK, I bought my 2007 TB new and now have 189,760 mile on her. I am a traveling acct mgr and live in my truck. By far the most durable vehicle I have ever had. Never been alighned, average 88K on tires, ran mobile 1 5/30 since 15k, Royal Purple in rear dif. Short of normal maintaince, I have not ever done anything to it.
I have read a ton of post about rough idle, and yes, I cleaned TB, ran seafoam into the vacum lined and tank, new plugs, MAFS, changed power stearing pump, tention & idler pullys and reset the PCM. Checked A/C, alternator and water pump for issues. (Nothing) Even ran Lucas additive in the trans! Still I get a horible vibration that I can hear through the entire truck at stops when my a/c is running. My next move is to change the injectors and if that does not work the a/c compressor. Can anyone think of anything that I might do before I start tearing it apart? Idles dead center of 610 & 20 in park and a/c off. Turn a/c on and it stays between 610 & 20 (droppes just off center) and if put into gear the rpms do not change but it will start vibrating bad. Any thoughts?

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