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Wow, I really didn't think shopping for rims would be this hard and make me so indecisive. :bonk: I was originally looking at the 22" Zinik Z13 Luina rims for my EXT. I first saw them here on this guys trailblazer:
I thought they looked sweet and I was set on them and was going to order them tomorrow. Of course I was talking to one of my friends and they started recommending all these other rims, some with black accents to make the tints stand out and make my red truck look darker.
So now I'm so mixed up, I have no idea whether I should look more in to some chrome rims with black accents or complete black rims or complete chrome rims. :duh: I don't know how putting chrome rims on a truck that is red and has black accents all around it would look, in my mind black would probably look better matching wise but I also haven't seen any black rims that have satisfied me.

What a dilemma. :suicide:

If anyone has some ideas or input I would greatly appreciate it. Pictures (if this is at all likely) of a majestic red ext with any rims on it would be spectacular to help me decide. Or if someone is good with photoshop, and I can send them a side profile of my truck and rims I'm debating on, and they could put them together I would LOVE that! :hail: Please help! lol

Here are some other rims I was recommended or was looking at myself:

(sorry for the long story/post)
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