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Hey ya'll, this is my first thread, so bear with me!
I recently decided to do a resonator delete on my 07' Trailblazer.
After decent research and consideration, I figured I'd share my expereince with ya'll.

I found the O.D of my exhaust pipe leading up to the resonator to be "2.75".
(Actual measurement 2.690")

Side Note: in hindsight, if you are using a smaller mandral like I am, I would buy a 12" long Tip, or buy an exhaust mandral with longer legs to stick the pipe out further. I took some measurements before hand and wasnt sure how far it would stick out, and didnt have the tools to cut the exhaust mandral to my desired length.

With that being said, here we go!

I'm in no way affiliated with Summit Racing, but I live very close to their Tallmadge, OH location and found their part search features to be incredibly useful.
I purchased all my supplies from them, with the exception of a 2.75" to 3" exhaust reducer from NAPA auto parts.
Part #: EXH 41687 ($17)

(Just to clarify, in my application it was not reducing, it was getting larger in diameter)

Summit Racing:

Exhaust Clamp 3.25"

Exhaust Clamp 3"

GoRhino 3" inlet to 4" out exhaust tip x 10" Part#GRH-GRT3410

3" exhaust pipe mandral 45*, 4" legs

(In all, I spent $86 dollars at Summit, by pickup)

I began by removing the rear tire, for better access.

I found the hanger for the resonator to be spot welded to the exhaust pipe, and I did not have an angle grinder, so I decided to cut behind the clamp towards the front of the vehicle. A sawzall with a metal cutting blade worked fine.

If there is any weld left on the pipe after cutting, I'd recomend filing it off as much as possible, but I just used a rubber mallet to install the exhaust reducer, I found the tighter fit to be a good thing as it didn't mishape the reducer very much.


Getting the hanger unhooked took some prying, I found it to have a barbed end to prevent from just slipping off.

The rest of the job was simply fitting parts together, placing the exhaust tip in the location I liked, and tightening everything down, I used a coat hangar as a temporary hanger, and plan on grinding the old hanger off of the resonator and bending it to accept the larger diameter then spot weld.

And before I'm roasted for the stickers, I decided im just gonna let them burn off, tape off the exhaust tip itself, and spray paint everything black. lol

Here is a final look at the exhaust from a few angles:


Ill add to this thread when I tackle the hangar, until then, hope you all enjoy my DIY, if anything I think the info is useful for someone's pre-project research.

Im very pleased with it, I just wanted somthing quick, and easy, to add a little throat to the exhaust sound, and a better look.

Sound wise, it doesnt make much of a difference, doesnt make it loud.

I'd like to add a Magnaflow super 44 muffler in the future.

If anyone has any reasonable questions or comments, this is America, feel free.
Thank you.

2005 chevy trailblazer_ltz
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Good job on the story and great photos. My question why did you replace the resonator? Was is bad?

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Thank you! I really took my time on this thread. The resonator was fine, I didn't replace it, I got rid of it completely. Its just "straight" pipe. it really just looks better, and makes it sound cool, without being obnoxiously loud, or giving it that "ricer sound". Youtube has a couple videos of the sound it makes. Just lookup "trailblazer resonator delete"
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