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With an 06, you might have a chance to make this work. Going to be a LOT of rewiring and you might need an entire wiring harness from a V8 truck but I am not 100% sure.

You will need to replace and then repin the PCM harness to use either an LS1 (99-08) PCM or an E40/E67 ECM and T42 TCM. Choice is yours, depends on what year motor you want to use as the LS1/E40s use the 24x reluctor and the E67s use the 58x. I might suggest the E40/T42 combo as that is what GM used in 05-06 in our platform, but the E67 is much more flexible in terms of what it can run so that might be a better choice. Also the I6 doesnt have the proper CAN bus communication lines from what Ive heard so using the E40 might be an easy way to not have to deal with this.

Motor mounts, need the oil pan off a GMT360 V8 truck to keep 4WD, plus the standard swap parts. Get the 8.6" rear diff from a junkyard, the 8" the SWB I6s have wont last. Also depending on what size engine you might need to upgrade the trans with a built unit.

But honestly you can probably find a cheap 06-08 SWB 5.3 for not much more than you could sell your 06 I6 for.
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