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2005 isuzu ascender
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About 7-8 years ago the bushing on the shift cable linkage at my transmission broke/disappeared, so I replaced the bushing (there are a lot of writeups about that)…. Last night as I put in R to back into the driveway it felt odd and when I put it in park even worse—very weak. So I shifted from park to drive and back and the shifter just flew back and forth without any resistance, on the cluster showing P the whole time…

I got underneath and the linkage at the transmission was just fine, so I took my console apart to check there. Sure enough the bushing had disintegrated the linkage had fallen off and no way any shifting could move the linkage.

Dorman 14055 was a perfect fit (see pic, the white one is for the gear shifter end - clear one goes on the tranny end).

The bushing fit was so good and tight that I couldn’t insert by hand and had to use slip joint pliers to apply even pressure but it popped right in. After the bushing is in the linkage it snapped right onto the pin.

I’ve not seen discussion or write up about replacing the shifter end before, so sharing to help someone out who has similar problem.

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