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I wonder if you can help, my daughter just bought a 2004 Envoy and we have since found that the DIC is not working!! Should have checked more thouroughly!! I got some Techie help and have so far confirmed that the wiring to and from the steering wheel is sound, I have +12v at the lower steering wheel connector (on the appropriate pin outs) that drops to ground when the steering wheel buttons are pushed. I am now advised that the problem is internal to the cluster and it probably needs replacing? I have read several threads here about adding the DIC function but few if any, mention whether the cluster had to be re-programmed and what was involved in doing that? I am told you CAN NOT re-program a Cluster from a wreck so you should buy a Refurb and then do the install at the dealers as you may not be able to star the vehicle until the re-pro is completed.

ANY IDEAS on my best next step and what is reality when it comes to replacing the cluster?


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AFAIK, you can run the vehicle with the cluster out. Send it to the Ebay vendor who fixes stepper problems for about $90. Not sure what he charges to fix a dark DIC. I think the DEALER can't configure them but authorized service depots can.

If this link doesn't work, just search Ebay for "trailblazer gauge repair"


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US Speedo is a vendor on this board, as well as I'm a dealer for them too.


1. You can run the truck w/o a cluster yes.

2. I'm not sure what they would charge, but they are top notch, and a vendor like I said.

feel free to PM me if I can help I will.


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The dealer cannot reprogram mileage unless the cluster is "new" and setup where the mileage and engine hours can be programmed. The mileage cannot be changed on a used cluster by a dealer, which is obviously an effort to prevent odometer fraud. If you go to the dealer for a replacement cluster, I believe the cluster is about $275 + 1.5 hours or so for install and programming.
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