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As I said, the standard 12v probe can sortta-mebee detect high or low voltage based on the brightness, whereas the logic probe fires up to the same brightness anywhere from 3 to 24 volts.

My big complaint is that the retractile cord is 'way too tight! I stretched mine across the garage overnight and it helped a bit. It's still capable of jerking the battery out of you car if you're not careful.

My latest purchase was a 2-channel oscilloscope. I'm just getting Into it currently; the biggest reason for buying it is so I can capture both LowV and HighV on the dual potienometers in the throttle position sensors. When these go out of sync, the REP & SES both come on .... but I insist on confirmation of that diagnosis first. I KNOW that's what's happening but my current 1-channel scope cannot simultaneously plot both signals at the same time.

Besides ... this new scope can live feed to my tablet or my desktop for those times when I want to share the screen.
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