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Hi guys.

I bought a new AC Delco Steering Angle Sensor. My Stabilitrak lights come on when you turn the steering wheel. They are not on until you cut the wheel to the right at about the 3 o clock angle. Turning the steering wheel to the left does not set it off. The code goes away when you turn the car off.

Ordered a new AC delco off Amazon and its doing the exact same thing.

Hooked it up to the scanner today to monitor voltage, etc when turning the wheel.

When it hits that spot where the lights turn on I notice two things.

1. It shows 0 voltage until you move it past that point to the right then starts reading normally.

2. The sensor looks like it moves up when it hits that point and you can actually hear a creeking noise when it hits that point.

Could the new sensor be defective? Is it normal for the sensor harness to move up when turning the steering wheel?

We even reflashed the EBCM and recalibrated the yaw sensor no changes same spot those two stabilitrak lights instantly come on.
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