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Replace overhead dome lights with overhead console

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2006 LT ....

Anyone ever put the pictured overhead console in a TB that just has the overhead dome lights in the center of the headliner?
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You will need panel number one in the picture and fasteners.
Why do you want to do this?
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For the Homelink. Do you have the link to that page or the part numbers?
1. GM P/N 89023744
12. GM P/N 19121962
14. No number :(

You can find these things in a junkyard where cars are taken apart.
I think I found the right part (14) it looks like this. But I still don't have her number.
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Pretty sure you're right about the clips.At least by the picture.....I'm going to call a few junkyards about the mount.
I woke up and thought this mount is very similar to the sun visor mount. (33) If so then it has GM P / N number 03637204.
Let us know if you know how this panel is actually mounted. Unfortunately, I don't remember the details of its installation.
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I will if I can find one here locally...
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