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I have 2002 Envoy SLT with the 4.2L engine. VIN:1GKDS13S122111182. Do I have 'security'?

I've convinced myself that I have a bad BCM (underhood light gets no 12v; starter relay gets no ground from PCM which is triggered by BCM, no crank, no interior lights, no seat or windows or locks function, etc.). I've tried 2 used BCMs and neither changed my symptoms. I replaced the battery (went to zero over the winter - that's when this problem started) - and the ignition switch. No joy.

I'm 50 miles from the nearest dealer - a very expensive tow. Goal is to install a BCM that will at least let me drive it to the dealer, if additional programming is needed there. ModuleExperts (repair shop) said that they will save my programming while fixing the BCM. Even if some functions don't work after reinstall, will this let me drive it? They have what seems to be a qualifier: "If applicable, security functions and in-car programming may have to be done by a qualified technician with the correct tool connected to your vehicle".

The reman/refurb definitely would require a dealer to program the BCM. Would I be able to drive it to the dealer for that (would it start and run)?

When I jump the two contacts on the starter relay base with a light gauge wire the engine will crank (that checks all the fuses and interlocks associated with the relay circuit, except for the missing ground to the coil). Is it safe to let it crank and maybe start? If it starts can I likely drive it 50 miles?

This problem is getting serious for an old retired guy - it's fishing time on the Lake Of The Ozarks!
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