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Hello everyone! :)

My evaporator had a leak, so I bought the necessary parts and changed it my self.

At the moment, I just finished the installation.
Tomorrow in the morning, an a/c technician comes by and vacuums/refills the system. :woot:

Going to post some pics here for your enjoyment.
I took a whole boat-load of pictures, so I'll post more up, and write up a cool post about the operation.

In the mean time, here are two or three:::
Auto part Vehicle Family car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Vehicle Car Vehicle door Automotive exterior Auto part

brb with more :thumbsup:

-- AJ

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Outstanding, how many hours did it take to get to the evaporator?
wow,that looks a little intense...
Hey guys! :)

Robert, it took me around 2.5-3 hours to get the old evaporator in my hands.
This was in a SUPER relaxed pace.
I'm a shade-tree mechanic, so I took out the radio, the fan, the dogs, and just started dis-assembling everything with patience.

So 2 hours is more than manageable.

Greg, :D

Ok, I'm going to start the write-up after this post.
w00t w00t!!! (cold air tomorrow!!)

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Part1 - opening the way

Ok, so shorter short story, the evaporator in my Envoy had to be changed because it was not doing its job in the simple realm of R134 containment.

I got an estimate for $850, from two reputable places.
The cost of the parts was:
AC Delco (FTW!) Evaporator $255
AC Delco Expansion Valve (?) $ 8
AC Delco (FTFW!) Dryer $ 95

So the total is hovering around $360ish, plus a bottle of oil for the compressor (3oz needed per the technician's recommendations), plus a bottle of flush-fluid for removing grime from your system (if needed).

Flush-fluid also works great in showing the marvels of modern chemistry, and how it is able to disolve/assimilate anything in its path.

I am starting up my own business, and money is non-existant.
It isn't that I 'saved' money by doing this job my self.
It is that it would not have happened if I hadn't done it.

(( Interesting Side-Note: Both places, after informing them I would do the job myself due to greedy-old people winning my lottery last week, they BOTH dropped $200 off the bat. From $850 to $650. Regardless, the dinero is not there. ))

Anyways.... :coffee:raspberry:laugh::duh::hissy::hahano: :grouphug: :woohoo::rotfl:

Ah, yes...
This vehicle needs air conditioning. ASAP.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle audio Motor vehicle

The goodies:
Water Gas

The evaporator wrapped up:
(( HEY! I got only ONE foam 'seal' pattern. You need FOUR of them. Two are odd-shaped, and two are simple long bars (like KitKats!). Demand 'em, because I had to re-use my old, 6 year old moldy, musty, mushy, shushy, ewwy ones. :hopeless ))
Auto part Compact car Gas

DISASSEMBLY of the Flux-Capacitor Relay Circuitry:
Ok, I suggest, althought NOT necessary, to remove the center console.
It is a 2 minute procedure, and it enables you more freedom, flexibility, room to maneuver, and girls think it's hot when a man can remove a center console from a GM car.
Auto part Vehicle Gear shift Car

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Part 2 - Keep removing stuff

Alright, so we continue to remove parts from the center console. :excited:

This storage space has six phillips screws; once those are done, it lifts right up.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Car seat Auto part

After this, you remove two hex-head screws under where the storage space was.
There is one more of those in the front, in the cup holder.
Now, the center console is not screwed down -- yet there's two electrical plugs to remove.

First, there's one simple plug on the shift lever solenoid locking/unlocking mechanism. Can't miss it. :)

Second, in the center space, you see the 4:58pm-Connector-Plug.
Many Moon cycles ago, at a Detroit cubicle, this item was copy/pasted to that position, in digital cyberyspace, without ever thinking if it was humanly possible to actually get in there.
Wire Auto part

(( EDIT: you know what? maybe it's actually because that was done by somebody not at Detroit?
ie: Detroit builds great-quality, kickAss things. I'm sold on GMC! ))

I suggest you lift the center console four or five inches from the back, get one arm in there, and the other arm from the top.


Auto part Automotive exterior Bumper Fender Vehicle

There are four nuts that hold down the shift lever.
I also found it easier to remove this, as there wasn't that, err... um... protruding stick in the middle of the cab.
Auto part Engine Vehicle Automotive exterior Car


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I'm reading with interest. I also love your writing style. Reminds me of ... me! :laugh: :crackup: :woot:
Nice! :)
These forums rock!
I'm still finding my way around... so much stuff to read.

I will finish the posts regarding the evaporator install tomorrow.

(( and of course, I'll update on the system's performance ))

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Part 3 - More Dashboard pieces come out

Alright, one of the funny and odd surprises I found was a considerable amount of coins that had gone under the center console.

The faceplate of the dashboard's center column comes off very easily.
Just take off two phillips screws at the bottom, and pull it out.
It is held in place with those 'snap clips'. Pull it out firmly, you won't break it. :)
Land vehicle Car Vehicle Gmc envoy Motor vehicle

Once it is out, all that is left is to unplug all the electrical connections to that faceplate.
Vehicle Car Auto part Engine Steering wheel

Finally (!!), remove the radio and climate control cluster.
Screws on the left and right.
The climate control cluster has clips for removal in addition to its screws. These clips are to the sides, on the top and bottom of the screws.
Vehicle Car Center console Tire Toyota

Once those are out, unplug their wiring harnesses.
(( BTW: Props to GM for nailing down the plastic of this specific wiring harness plug/connectors. Between the plastic, the operation, tolerances, etc., it finally is what should be. ))

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Ok, finishing! :)

Removing the center panel, out with the radio, out with the climate control module panel thing, and out with anything else attached nearby.
Vehicle Car Family car

Now, to remove the rear piece of the dashboard, pry it out with a screwdriver.
Vehicle Car Vehicle door Windshield Automotive exterior

Start at the speaker grill corners... highest concentration of clips there.
The piece just snaps out.
Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle

Next, remove the kick panel from the passenger side:
Vehicle Auto part Car Bumper Automotive exterior

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Part 7 - The Saga Continues

It is also a good idea to remove the glove compartment.
(( Does anybody actually store 'gloves' in there?? ))

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle audio Vehicle door

Next, the driver's side kick panels, two of them.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Minivan

Remove anything else that is still attached there (in my case, the a/c vent):
Vehicle Car Steering wheel Center console Family car

Don't be fooled, there are screws everywhere.
Steering part Motor vehicle Vehicle door Vehicle Steering wheel

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The Dodo Birds Strike Back

Remove speakers....
Auto part Technology Vehicle Electronic device Car

(( does this this finally mean I have a Bose? A non-working Bose, that is. ))

This odd-looking fellow was very interested in the mechanics of a GM vehicle.
Insect Pest Invertebrate Organism Macro photography

Well versed, too.

Now, remove all the yellow bolts... every one that you see... hit it counter-clockwise. :)
Vehicle door Hood Automotive exterior Auto part Vehicle

A few more here and there...
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Vehicle door Vehicle audio

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Part 11 - A Boat made out of Tire Foam

All that is left now is just to pry-out the dash-cover piece:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle audio Chevrolet hhr

It should all come out:
Vehicle Car Auto part Tire Vehicle door

And it is out!!! :D
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Minivan


Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle Car

ADVICE: The easiest, most sensible way to take out/put in this piece, is to move it "up, and over the steering wheel" with a "roll the top towards you" motion.
That's the best way to describe it.

Of course, I did it every which way but that one. :p

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Part 9 - Back in Time

Ok, so for continuing the dis-assembly, we are going to remove two parts now that will make our lives easier.

1st up, there's the big metal plate that holds the center console and parking brake in place. That thing is bolted to the floor.
The second part is a metal bracket that goes vertical behind the radio and climate control.
Here highlighted in green with my madz dr4w1ng sk1llz::
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Vehicle door

Metal part getting removed:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Car seat cover

This is the part, just in case you mistake it with the other one just like it inside your car.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Vehicle door Auto part Car


Almost free:
Vehicle Car Auto part Engine Minivan

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Part 10 - Yakkee Indians

STOP! Hammer time!

Here we have nice and clean a/c lines:
Auto part Pipe Suspension

Which we will be disconnecting soon enough.

It is a good idea to 'seal' your a/c lines when you disconnect them.
It will prevent stuff from crawling inside (or just falling in due to that pesky gravity).
In addition, it will make your life easier by preventing moisture from permeating too much into your open lines.

Here is a run-down of the stuff down there:
Auto part Wheel Tire Automotive wheel system Automotive tire

Once everything is removed, remember the four bolts that are holding that plate to the firewall. (here highlighted in green)
Auto part Suspension

NOTE on HEATER LINES: The heater lines have a quick disconnect.
They require no tool, other than fleshy sacrifices of your sensitive digits.
You are supposed to press down on the rear clips, and then you can slide off the hose.
In theory.
And I'm sure in practice, in the nice confines of a garage that isn't mine, it works fine.

I had to play with them back and forth, until I was able to get them to release.
It really is a great system, it should just be beefier with more plastic. Maybe a metal skeleton inside that plastic.
And a heat exchanger with a small pump and some tubing, and then we can have a beer cooler in the cup-holder running from the residual a/c coldness.
For drinking beer while working on your car, of course. Don't drink and operate anything heavier than the 2cycle trimmer.

errr... where am I?

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"Flush-fluid also works great in showing the marvels of modern chemistry, and how it is able to disolve/assimilate anything in its path."

you must be a star trek fan- Resistance is Futile.
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