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The light will turn on only when I have the following problem: The truck will being to studder real bad. Seems like I am not getting any fuel to the engine. I can put the pedal to the floor and the truck will not move at all.

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The SES light should be on, and there should be a code you can read off the OBDII port. It's CRITICAL to get us that code, since the vehicle is trying to tell us what's wrong and we have to listen in its language.

How often is it happening, and under what conditions?

ALso fill out the profile with your vehicle type, and how many miles does it have and what kind of maintenance history and has anything else happened to it in its lifetime.

Visiting trailvoy is like seeing a doctor for the first time or bringing your pet to a new vet. Expect us to quiz you on the patient's history. You might volunteer this sort of stuff in the first post, since we're not clairvoyant.
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