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Rear vent windows not working

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I have a 2003 extended TB. A couple of months ago my driver's side rear vent window stopped working. It was cold out and I figured "I'll get to it". Now the other vent window has stopped working as well.

So has anyone had these fail? How did you troubleshoot, and what was the problem?
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Well, motors at each window.
The switches have the 12v and the ground.
2 wires between switch and motor.
Opening sets + on one wire, ground on other.
Closing, reverses the polarity and the motor reverses.

Common power lead to the switches, from a relay (#22), in rear fuse panel.
With relay operated, the power from fuse #20 is sent to switches.

The relay, btw, is part of the RAP (retained accessory power) circuit.
With key on, and for a short time after key off (this is the RAP function), the relay is operated.

Check the fuse, but if one side worked when other would not, fuse is ok.
If not fuse, you will need a meter to run the circuits.
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