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My rear differential needed all the bearings replace and the cheapest place I could find to do it was $600. I found a used one for $100 and paid a small shop mechanic $200 to change it. I know I was taking a chance, but it worked fine.
I was not at my shop and didn't want to do it on the ground, though you could without too much trouble at home.

I should have dealt with it before putting axle in, but it was already apart in the shop when the tech showed me the rusted off vent nipple. I didn't think it should be too hard to change later, but was I wrong.

After much effort and triall and error, I came up with a plan that made it about a 5
minute job once you have the tools. I made a puller for my first attempt that didn't work to grab the nipple like clam shells. Possibly because it wasn't hardened.

What worked well was, I put grease in the hole first, so as not to get shavings in diff. Then I used a 1/4" self tapping bolt and holding the nipple from turning with small locking pliers, I theaded the bolt in about 3/8' to 1/2".
You may be able to thread it first and put in a regular bolt, but the part in the housing is not very thick and I didn't want to push any shavings inside.
Also self taping bolts tend to be harder/stronger. I used one with regular 1/4-20 treads, not sheet metal or lag threads.
If your nipple is still on, your could try to thread in the top or cut it off if you have problems. The straighter the surface, the easier to thread in the bolt.

Then I made an adapter to fit the bolt head and my original puller.
It came right out.

Simple find a deep socket that fits over the new nipple and drive it in.

The part number for the nipple is 26062696.
My axle is a 7.6, so I don't know if the others are similar or not.
2005 SLT Auto 4.2 GU6


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