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rear differential cover leak

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My '02 Envoy XL developed a slow oil leak on the rear differential. It was due for a lube change so I order a new gasket and change the oil. Cleaned the cover and replaced the gasket/seal, refilled w/ new Mobile1. The leak continues, it appears the cover has a pin hole where the GM part numbers are stamped into the cover. :ugh:

I'm waiting on a new cover, which is available as a kit including the seal and new bolts. The kit costs not that much more than the seal, so if you think you have a bad rear differential seal, go ahead and get the cover kit because the cover could be the problem.
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The new cover fixed the leak, also the new cover comes with a magnet glued on the inside to catch any wear metal...
Thanks for the update, I'll probably just buy the kit as well. If you don't mind me asking where did you pick yours up at?
Differential cover - gm (12479379)

I bought mine from $28 + $10 shipping; the part is DIFFERENTIAL COVER - GM (12479379), search for the GM number you should find it. Note my envoy is the long wheelbase and has the heavier rear axle, use your VIN on the tasca site to confirm you are ordering the correct part.
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