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Whenever I make a stop, after I release the brake, there is a clunk coming from the rear brakes like they were stuck and then a popping to release. Anyone ever had this problem and if so, what is the cause and fix? Thanks all.

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2004 gmc
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Please fill out your profile so we don't have to guess on the year and model.

Loose calipers or pads could clunk, as could loose lug nuts not holding the wheel on tightly. Start off inspecting it all.

A more subtle possibility is the splined slip joint of the driveshaft at the front end, where it goes into the transmission or transfer case. These sometimes get dry and need regreasing, and as the suspension settles as you come to a halt, can stick and bind slightly. Causing a clunk.

Do your emergency brakes work well? We've had some reports of broken shoes making noise inside the mini-drums back there, but not exactly your symptoms.

No clunks going over speed bumps? That's usually a sign of deteriorating anti-sway bar end links. Another high failure rate item.
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