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Okay so finally found out the crap that goes on with the rear mode and temperature actuator on at least my 06 trailblazer ext.

So been trying to fix my ac issues. First my vents worked one or the other. So replaced mode actuator. Easy. Second my heat stopped working in rear. Had to replace the temperature actuator. But there's a post connected to the gear in the temperature actuator and said post broke off when removing. next had to find what the post was.

found out through Chevy dealership the post belongs to the heater case part # 89023340 now the heater case is the whole thing that everything sits on the post actually belongs to the temp valve doors or heater blend doors. problem is GM stopped making it for the Trailblazer for the extended. you can't buy the heater doors for the rear separately you have to buy the heater case that comes with the doors. found the heater case for $71 roughly on no problem

my problem is I don't know much about the AC so my question with the heater case
does anyone have any experience in this and is it just the case that I have to buy to fix the post and put the actuator on or are there any other parts that I must buy in order to get this all fixed?
also how long does this take for 2 mechanically inclined people? is it worth doing ourselves or is it worth time money frustration to go to someone else?
thanks for any help advice I appreciate it very much looking at getting this done rather soon before winter comes thank you:confused::confused:
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