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Hi good day everyone,

Posting this to see if somebody can point me to the right direction, I been checking with lots of electrical mechanics in my city yes Im no exagerating :( , but no one seems to find whats going on with my Tblazer 2002 electrical issue,

The main problem with my car, is that always when the automatic head lights turns On at night and the automatic back light of my instrument cluster turns on as well, all the gauges shut off, my radio turns off, the automatic doors wont work and windows wont work as well.

A few days ago I found that if I turn off the headlights manually by pressing several times a button that is allocated to left that controls the headlights, I hear a small beep and then after that everything turns on normally inside the car , gauges, doors, radio turns on again, but the headlights and directional lights in the rear are now turned off, if I press again several times the button the headlights and rear lights turns On again but everything inside my car shuts down again.

I really hope somebody help me out with with a bit of info, I already change relays, battery, several fuses but no luck :(

Thanks for the attention on this one.
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