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I'm going with Google Translate from Japanese to English here .... right?

Any thought why the scramble lights would remain on for 20+ min. after all entryways have been shut? I returned home this evening and left the entryways open for some time (30 min?) however subsequent to dumping all that and closing every one of the entryways, I could see that the measure lights were still on, including the enlightened LCD show between the speedo and tach. I at long last quit any pretense of stalling and hit "lock" on the remote to shut them down, yet I'm interested why this would occur. Any other person saw issues with this?
I have no idea what "scramble lights" are and Google Translate isn't helping me either.

I THINK your concerns are with the operation of the exterior lights after you close the entryways (doors) ... right?

The interior lights (scramble lights ... mebbee?) and the exterior lights are supposed to stay on for a programmed amount of time after the last door is closed. Whether you lock the car or not, that timer starts running when the last door closes.

SOME timers can be set for longer or shorter times .. yours may be able to do so too ... or not.

The interior/scramble lights will also come on when you use the fob to unlock or you use the key in the driver's door.

There are two stages of interior lighting ... if you push the fob button once ... or you turn the door key once, just the driver's door will unlock and ALL the interior lights will come ON with the backup lights (white rear lightsl and the Low Beam headlights will blink once and then stay on for a programmed period of time.

If you push the fob button twice, or turn the key twice in the same direction .... again .... all the interior lights will come on as will the four exterior lights and ALL the doors including the hatch door and window ... will be unlocked.

The single twist of the key or pushing the fob once is to protect the driver from having a bad guy jump into any of the other doors in a hijacking attempt ... or attempting to rape the driver.

The interior lights will have then all come ON so the driver can look into the dark vehicle to see if someone is waiting in the back seat.

If you leave the doors open ... even just one door ... will run the timer to keep the interior lights ON and the headlights and backup lights IF the light sensor detects darkness outside. In daytime, the interior lights and the DRLs will stay one for the prescribed time ... I'm not sure if the backup lights work in daylight.

If you turn the DRL system OFF (and who would do that? It's illogical!) then I'm not sure how everything works because I NEVER turn OFF my DRLs!

If the OP is in Japan ... and I KNOW the Japanese traffic & vehicle laws are very strict .... I wonder how this person can have a vehicle with the possibility of the driver turning the DRLs OFF at all!
I'm pretty sure that Japan wouldn't allow that choice in their country.​
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