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Hi all,

i have a question and i have been searching for days and im unable to find the exact answer im looking for or maybe im just so confused with what i have been reading i cant figure it out... anyways here is the question.

I have a factory bose w/ 6cd changer w/ onstar and xm, which i would like to keep. i have an alpine pdx4.150 amp that i would like to install to give my system some more juice. how do i replace the bose amp with this one? what exact adapter if there is one do i need? wiring and that sort of thing isnt the issue i just want to know what i need from a Gm perspective... i had a bose system in my rsx that i was able to bypass with a few home made harnesses but this gm bose system really is something else.

thanks in advance for your help if i missed the answer somewhere else please let me know.


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I'm not a pro but here's what I know.

It's easier to add an amp to the non-bose.

The factory radio doesn't have RCA's to run to a new amp.

If you use a line-out-converter and tap into the factory wiring after the bose amp, the sound is already 'bose processed'. The rears are like mids, front doors - the lows, and dash - the tweets.

So problem 1 is getting correct input to the new amp. Once you do, how do you plan to get it to the six speakers? You can cut the factory wiring at the amp and use the existing wiring, but if you cut the wires to the dash speakers at the amp, you'll lose the chimes & onstar.

I’m not sure I would amp the factory speakers.

So if you’re adding an amp and speakers – do the radio too!

Here’s a scenario;
new radio – run the rca’s to the new amp – put new speakers in the doors (that’s another topic) – cut the output of the factory amp to the doors and wire the new input from the new amp into them (capping the factory outputs).
Putting the new radio in you’ll use a GMOS-04 and you’ll have to split the front channel between the GMOS and the new amp. Then if you leave the dash speaker wiring alone – your chimes and onstar will still play through the dash (left) speaker.
It’ll be a screwed up deal – but it works.
There’s probably other ways – but nobody shared them!

Sorry you ask??:D
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