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hey guys, i need help urgently

i'm installing my CAI tomorrow, but have a question about the hoses/sensors.

On the stock intake tube there is the air temp sensor, ok no problem. then there is a hose on the bottom, is that a vacuum hose and what is it used for? and how do i install it on the new intake?

i am getting rid of my intake resonator, so when i extend the fuel pressure hose, what kind of hose/tubing do i get? a certain kind? and do i have to buy a nipple to put on the new intake tube to receive the fuel pressure tube?

and the oil bypass tube on the bottom of the resonator, same deal what kind of tubing do i buy and how do i install it on the new intake?

please help, any advice is good advice

p.s. i went cheap and bought an Ebay intake


2002 chevy trailblazer_ls
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I thought the Ebay one didn't eliminate the resonator. If you are taking the initiative to customize it, you are going to have to go all the. Drilling holes, gluing in connectors and extending hoses. Use that search button and look up "custom intake". That may help. And my advice to you, leave the resonator on. It does nothing for horsepower if you remove it, it makes the engine look ugly, and leaves two less vacuum lines to reroute.
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