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Well I pulled the trigger and dropped th Envoy off at Derailed Body Drops here in Cincy. Bryce is who owns the shop and he is a hell of a fabricator. We have big plans for the truck and hope it all pans out. He does this on the side from his fulltime job as a Toyota tech (but was a GM tech for a while). Should take 2 to 3 months. I'll update as I get pics.

2 Slam Specialties RE7 airbags (front)
2 Slam Specialties SS7 airbags (rear)
Big Red air valves from Ride Tech
2 Viar 480 compressors
8 gallon tank modified by Bryce
22" Factory Reproductions Trailblazer SS chrome rims
265/35R22 Tires
narrowed rear axle
Parker fittings and airline
Dakota Digital gauge
Accuair air management
Knukonceptz power wire
Filler moved on gas tank
....more to be added


Interior pulled and bumper off


Front cut

Modded DJM Arms:drool


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daaamn.. :drool:drool
Definately sick..
How much is somethin like that gonna run you if you don't mind me asking?
Before labor and after labor?

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Some new shots. Next couple weeks will be slow as Bryce has some other stuff to do and he'll just be cutting out the rear crossmembrs and cleaning the axle so not much pretty stuff.

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