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Received the ProClip for my iPhone yesterday and got it mounted. I got the adjustable clip for iPhones with cases, and it also includes the pass-through connector. My goal is to get an iSimple (when I verify it works with OS 3.0) and have an easy dock for music and charging. It swivels, but doesn't have a lot of range, even though you can turn it to landscape easily.

Really easy to put together: 4 screws to hold the clip to the mount, 4 bolts/thumbscrews holding the adjustable parts. The mount clips onto the trim around the head unit. It also includes tape to make sure it doesn't slide. I didn't really want the tape residue, so I left the backing on. Seems pretty tight and immobile without the tape.

On to the pics! :thumbsup:

Sorry, none with the iPhone in the clip. I was using it to take the pictures... :bonk:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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