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Has anyone ever put an air gauge to the nipple for the air suspension system? Was curious what the pressure should be, assuming stock air bags. I'm getting a reading of about 100 psi; is this about right? If this is lower than normal, it may be an indication the compressor is going bad.

My SS holds pressure, but it "feels like" the bags are not fully inflated - suspension is soft in the back when turning, with a lot of side-to-side sway on turns. Compressor will run first thing every morning when I get in the vehicle (no fat jokes, please), but will shut off after 10 seconds or so.

The bushings on sway bar are new and the end links are also. My thought is that softness may be due to either leaking bags, compressor going out, or both.

Anyone have the time to check the pressure, I'd appreciate it.
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