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2003 gmc envoy_slt
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I searched the forum and found the 'crunching' power window problem. Mine is a bit different.

My passenger front window will go down everytime I push the button - no hesitation. It just doesn't go up without me trying repeatedly. I can 'hear' the power going into in the door when I press the up button, just the motor doesn't push the window up immediately. It has taken up to a couple minutes of repeatedly trying and holding the button before the window goes back up. Doesn't make any difference if I try to use the driver or passenger button.

It has always gone up, eventually... but now I have to I lock the windows so someone doesn't roll it down accidentally.

I know this is limited info... it's a 2003 Envoy SLT. Any thoughts on what part is failing, or starting to go? Think this this a motor, regulator, or a relay of some kind??

Thanks for the help!
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