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I have an '02 TB LTZ with 225k miles on it. Last night I finally bit the bullet and fixed the A/C which means I replaced a leaking high side valve and then evacuated the system and added 30oz refrigerant. The system blows insanely cold with no bad noises but only when I'm going faster than 30ish mph OR I'm revving the engine above 2000-2500 RPM.

It was 103 today and I did not once hear the fan doing it's signature cessna takeoff under the hood like it does for a few seconds on a cold start. When stopped the A/C continues to work but feels humid and gets noticeably warmer. Not hot, kinda feels like a swamp cooler when it's humid out.

The radiator, water pump, fan clutch and thermostat were replaced 6 years ago with Autozone parts. Engine does not overheat and temp gauge stays a few ticks below 210 at all times. Engine will stumble for a second when coming to a stop and idle bad but only for a fraction of a second then it catches itself and comes back. I cleaned the throttle body 1 year ago I'll try and give it a clean again.

Does this sound like a fan clutch? I don't want to waste money just throwing parts at the problem. I'm also going to power-wash the condenser as it has a lot of dead bugs stuck to it.

Thank you everyone! This forum has helped me fix at least 6-7 problems this truck has had.

EDIT: Oops just read that power-washing the condenser will destroy it, will clean it the right way.
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