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what do we do? boot members for not attending meets.

  • yes, even if it give's chapters a bad name?

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  • unsure, but feel something needs to be done?

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Possible new chapter member requirement

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Hey guys. Today me and Bob went over our Chapter member list to find those who have not made it out to one meet this year as required.

Here are some quick stats:

members - 58
un-attendees - 23
military guys/ very new guys who are exempt - 5

It's a bummer that each and every one of the guys on the cut list promised to make it out, and we might lose a good chunk of our chapter (and one state rep) due to the posing.

What does everyone think about making a new eligibility requirement that states that a new member must have already attended a meet?
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Why can't people freakin' read?? I've had 2 NY people want membership in the NE chapter, which is clearly not a part of the NE, and it says so when you look at the chapter, and another guy hasn't posted anything.....AT ALL! Just wanted to vent....:bonk:
You have such unreasonable and overbearing requirements ..... you ... you ... you .... meanie!
You have such unreasonable and overbearing requirements ..... you ... you ... you .... meanie!
:iagree: :hail: :rotfl:

Seriously though, I have to agree somewhat with Blazernut. Specially at my neck of the woods. I have a HUGE geographical area to mess with!
But one thing I feel is that we *should* have some very basic requirements for belonging to a Chapter (like 1 meet a year, but actively posting on the forum and having some pics in the Gallery) AND we should, as Chapter Presidents/Organisers, practice some flexibility. Heaven knows life isn't scripted! LOL, perfect example -> the past year hasn't been all that productive with my SS seeming to want to spend tons of time in a shop of sorts instead of running the roads!!!

I can understand that. And if the guys posts once a month that's fine. But for someone in the chapter to not even log on for 4 months? I honestly don't care because, as with any chapter, I have my regulars in Kevinwilesjr, envoyguy05 and kickasstahoe. And we all know that there are guys that show up to almost any and every meet in the chapter. Out of 30 people in the NE chapter I have met probably 10 in the past year. But, some people just don't seem to care about this stuff as much as others. Which is why I won't kick anyone out of my chapter just yet. If I kicked out the people that didn't meet the requirements, I would have a chapter of like 7, as would some others out there. I know you've got geographical ridiculousness Harmless, and I think your chapter has about as many people in it as mine. And I live in one of the most over populated areas in the country! HA!

I just wanted to rant a little. haha...and thanks Bill...:hahano:
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:thx :iagree:

Hopefully I'll get to do more with the truck this year (compared to last). :duh: I'd like to get a few meets going too. :thumbsup: But like Dizzlenator there, I won't boot peeps for not making the meets... On the other hand, if you've not logged on or posted in a 6 months or so, then yeah, you'll get a PM first then the size 10 jail guard punt. :raspberry
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Hello,i am a new member and love my Trailblazer. Had mechanic replace engine with a junk yard 2005 4.2. Trailblazer started ok. After installing axles,adding antifreeze,Trailer would not start,only clicking. Mech. changed starter,same problem. Any idea what's causing not to start again?
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