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what do we do? boot members for not attending meets.

  • yes, even if it give's chapters a bad name?

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  • unsure, but feel something needs to be done?

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Been there and tried that......Just like Ed, I have PMd some of the pending members more than 3 times with not even a reply, but on the otherhand I have PMd some and they have replied literally in minutes and have done what was needed. I hate to lose members, but it is what it is.

We have tried and tried to get people involved in meets....I'm kind of stuck on what to do about that. Something Culzero, Tx Big G and I need to work out. But, if I had to count the times I have had 3 TrailVoy's in my driveway it is too big a number to mention, the three of us hang all the time, but then again we're pretty close, but by the same token there are more than 50 TV members in Htown alone, it's just getting them involved.

I'm thinking that starting to cut members due to meet inactivity will kill the chapters....or at least give them bad publicity. Maybe we should put it to a vote somehow.:undecided
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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