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A friend of the family has a 2003 TB LT w/5.3L and 68,000Miles.
He needs to sell it and is offering it to me for $6000. It is a very clean truck.
He gave it to me and my fiance to drive for a while to decide if we want it.
The only thing keeping me from handing over the money is a strange engine noise...

On a cold start up it knocks slightly... not a lifter tick, but more of a knock.
This last for a good 10 minutes of driving, until it heats up. Then it ALMOST goes away, but not quite.

Is this common? I have heard lifters ticking before, and this does not sound the same.

Any opinions or advise would be greatly appretiated.

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Very likely to be the electroviscous fan clutch, an extremely high failure rate item until a redesign around 2005. Costs less than $200 for a new one, unless he's had it changed already. Assuming you change it yourself. Take the serpentine belt off for an experiment for a minute or two. It may also be the AC or alternator making the noise, but see if you can localize it to the fan clutch.
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