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I would like to start a thread showing pics of ONLY BALL JOINT CLEARANCES WITH NO WHEEL SPACERS, preferably on Envoys. Offset wheels are OK to show. I believe this would be an extremely helpful thread for those of us who do not want to run spacers, but would like to know 'will it fit'. Please provide the following information (I have filled out an example below which captures a lot of detail):

Lift: MarkMC Lift - 2.5"F/2"R
Wheels: 18x8.5 MB Blitz, +25mm offset, 6x127
Tires: 255/70/18 Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2, 10.2" wide, 32.1" dia., 100% tread (new)
Mods Needed for Fit: Ground 1/8" off ball joint corner?? (this is for example purposes only)

PLEASE be very specific; for instance please specify your backspace and/or offset if you are running something other than stock. Also, please specify your treadwear as this too is important for actual ball joint clearance if tire was new. PLEASE NO COMMENTS!! Let's keep this a clean thread and stay on topic, the 'ultimate will it fit' thread has gotten really messy!

I will start with my stock setup:

Lift: None
Wheels: Stock
Tires: 245/65/17 Goodyear Fortera SilentArmor, ~10% tread left
Mods Needed for Fit: None

I included a tape measure in my pic, but you don't have too. We can use the thickness of the arm, which is 1/2", to scale the clearance. The ~15/16"-1" I'm showing is from the inside edge of the tire using a square.


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