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Hi everyone,

Before you get offended from what I am going to say, I'm not trying to put out a bad review to PCM4LESS, and there are many threads on here praising them, in which people have LOVED their tuned PCM's.

I just recently installed my tuned PCM from them and wasn't too impressed. Maybe all of the hype on this forum made it seem just too sweet? The only thing I was able to notice was the shift firmness or else I would have never known the PCM was tuned from the stock PCM. The shift firmness seems to help with acceleration slightly when flooring the vehicle, but ever so slightly.

Now, for my questions:

1. With torque management being taken away what should I notice? I had requested for it to be deleted, but I am not sure what I am looking for as the tune is barely noticeable.

2. I had my PCM tuned for 91 octane. I had 87 octane in the vehicle when I installed the tuned PCM. I now have 91 octane in the vehicle and notice absolutely no difference from it running on 87.

3. Kelly emailed me saying to not worry about the CASE relearn. I emailed him/her asking why I shouldn't do it, since every post I see on this forum says to absolutely do it, and so does Kelly, so it seemed weird when I was told to not worry about it, but I'm fine with that since the only place to do it in MN is a Chevy dealer asking $135.

All in all I'd rate my experience with PCM4LESS a 5 out of 10. Would I spend $250+ on a tune like that again? Probably not..

But, it was worth a shot and has definitely been a learning experience. I have learned that nothing can replace a big V8 or a supercharger - THE END

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