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2002 gmc envoy_slt
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I just bought yesterday (7/28/2011) a 2002 GMC Envoy SLT. The vehicle is in great conditions (for a used vehicle). however, there are some little items that might need some adjustments and/or repair. My new hobby is to try to bring this purchase to full working conditions and to keep it going until it dies...I hope this community can help me get many years of my new purchase :)

The passenger side view mirror does not work. I opened the interior door cover and noted that the mirror was not plugged in; therefore, I plugged in the connector and now the turning signal works, however, I am not able to control the mirror with the mirror switch. The switch controls the driver mirror but not the passenger mirror. I think the mirror does work because if I place the vehicle in reverse, the mirror tilts down by its self and if i place the vehicle back in park of any other gear, the mirror returns to a pre-programed position.

Has anybody out there had a problem similar to this one? if not, is there anybody out there that could help me in how to identify if the mirror switch or the actual mirror is the problem? ant help/advised will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.:)
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