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2004 gmc envoy_slt
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Hey gang,

It's been a while since I've needed to post on here, but I'm sort of stuck.

I'm not sure of the technical terms of everything, but I'll try to describe everything to my best ability.

For a long time, when my low beam headlights are on, the orange light on the side doesn't light up anymore. It only lights up when I turn the blinker on and it will blink along with the light under my side mirror.

As of about a month ago, the orange light no longer comes on even if I use the blinker.

I wasn't sure which fuse it was, but it figured it was #30 Parking Lamps from the fuse box under the rear driver seat.

I didn't have an extra relay laying around, but I noticed that relay #37 Headlamp Washer from the engine compartment fuse box isn't used since I do not have headlamp washers.

When I placed the relay that I got from #37 in the engine compartment fuse box into the #30 in the fuse box under the rear driver seat I noticed that the orange light on the side still did not light up.
Instead, the light below the headlight, that comes on when you put a blinker on, is now lit at all times.
The orange light comes on and stays lit while a blinker is on and the light below the headlight is actually what flashes.

Did I replace the wrong fuse/relay?
Which one should I have actually replaced?

Thanks in advance!
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