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PA Power Outages

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PECO said:
A violent, fast moving storm centered over Delaware and Chester counties yesterday causing extensive damage and power outages for 215,000 PECO customers. Strong winds and severe lightening toppled trees, downed wires and damaged electric equipment.

Customers without power should contact the company at 1-800-494-4000 to check on their restoration status. The company’s automated telephone system can quickly record your outage, allowing our Customer Care representatives to remain available to handle reports of dangerous situations. The more customers who call to report an outage, the more effectively PECO can dispatch crews and restore service.

PECO’s entire emergency response organization has been mobilized with all company resources dedicated to restoring service to customers as safely and as quickly as possible.

The company also has reached out to local contractors and neighboring utilities to secure extra crews to lend a hand.

Due to the extent of damage, we estimate that it could take several days until service is restored to all customers. PECO crews and back office support personnel will continue to work 12 – 16 hour shifts, around the clock, until all damage has been repaired and all service has been restored.

During this trying time especially, we thank customers for their assistance and patience.

We urge all customers to stay safe and keep away from downed wires and damaged electric equipment. Report these dangerous conditions to PECO immediately.
I am one of those without power, I'm over at I'm parents house now, was anyone else in the storm?

(I put this in Mid-Atlantic, but a mod can move it if needed)
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Maybe not that one but we just had 2 twisters touch down on Monday night and do alot of damage. I was also working 16 hours a day to restore service to our customers.....
I was in a hotel in Georgetown DE last night and they lost power for about 10 minutes. Was quite the storm.
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